Great to see you!
As the pastor of a multisite church, a motivational speaker/trainer, a blogger and friend to many around the world, I have created this landing page so we can either reconnect or meet for the first time! Here are the major/professional connecting points I offer to you:


CrossPoint Church - My calling in life is to pastor and I am living the dream. CrossPoint is a multisite church in Kansas with 10 campuses in 9 cities that is helping nearly 3,000 people learn to Love God, Grow Up and Serve All. Check us out at


CrossEyedLife (Blogging/Writing) - I have to admit it, I am a frustrated author. I have a background incommunication and a couple degrees in journalism, so writing is a necessary outlet for me. I’d love for you to read a little and join the conversation at my blog:


Leading To Great (Motivational Speaking/Training) - Working with schools on character development and  motivational assemblies is a passion for me. Helping business and industry leaders tweak their efficiency and take performance to the next level is also a favorite. Check out