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BLOTCH is a children’s book designed to share a story of grace and forgiveness with kids of all ages. The book also includes a chapter by chapter guide for helping parents/adults share their faith with their kids. Please consider getting a copy and passing the faith to the next generation!

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BLOTCH is a Focus On The Family recommended book:


“What an amazing children's book. This is probably the best children's book I have read in a long time.”

Rachel Dodson, reviewer/blogger


“My family found this story and the questions to all be thought-provoking and the salvation message was clearly presented to us. It was both enjoyable to read and easy to understand. I highly recommend this book.”

Monica Huyser, reviewer/blogger


“This book was even eye opening for me as I began to think more about how I deal with my own sins. It was thought provoking! …What a thoughtful way to start those conversations you might not ever have had. While doing the discussion for chapter one, my little boy stopped me and said that he wanted to "Ask Jesus into my heart.”

Melanie, mom & Barnes & Noble Review


“Andy Addis has found a profound way of taking the gospel message and sharing it in a simple way which touches the depth of our hearts. This is a book that each parent will want to read for themselves. Then they will want to read it with their children.”

Tom Law,, blogger & Amazon review


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